How To Write Short News Reports For Sports Contests

Want to be a sportswriter?  We suggest getting started by practicing now, either  by joining the school paper’s sports department or opening your own sports blog.

The most basic sports story is the game report and it’s the first one you should be working to get a handle on.  If you’re not sure how a short game story is supposed to be written, not to worry.  Here’s a quick guide.

Lead.  Like every news story, you have to start off with the lead, which gives readers the name of the competitors, the final scores and some notable fact that made the game interesting (e.g. like a buzzer-beater ending or the notable absence of a star player).

Body.  Here, you fill in all the details, beginning from the most important down to the least important.   Take a cue from the most notable portion of the lead and spin your story from there (e.g. if it was a buzzer beater, then start with how the final play went down).

Wrap-up.  For news about specific games, the wrap-up is usually one of two things: a memorable quote (from coaches or players) or a mention of the participants’ next games.  As you can tell, this isn’t rocket science and should be the simplest part of the story to write.