Write As Fast As Possible

Whatever kind of work you’re doing, the faster you can finish, the more time you make for yourself.  The same is true for repairing electronics as it is with writing.  If you feel you can benefit from a writing “turbo mode” (such as when you’re in a time-crunching deadline), try these things that have benefited many looking to speed up the pace that they put words to paper.

1. Just write more.

The more you write, the easier it gets to lay down words to paper.  That’s just the way it is.  Nobody gets their momentum started by a thousands of words only to proceed even slower – that’s a fact.

2. Use a template whenever possible.

Many forms of writing won’t require you to start from the ground up.  If there’s an option of using a pre-made template, use it – plenty of grammar software titles come with dozens of them.  Don’t forget to perform the appropriate tweaks.

3. Copy and revise.

Here’s a dirty little trick that seldom gets talked about.  When you’re really in a bind and need to finish as quickly as possible, don’t be afraid to cheat a little.  Copy directly from your reference and paraphrase in parts – it’s artful plagiarism and is frequently acceptable.

4. Write in bits and pieces.

If the words just won’t come together, then just write down the core ideas.  You can return to them later once the muse has caught up with you.