Characteristics Of A Good Sentence

When you know what makes up a good sentence, you can make sure the sentences you write are done correctly.    Below, we list some characteristics we believe all good sentences have in their favor.  Making sure your sentences fall along the same lines can only generate positive results for your writing efforts.

  1. It begins with the main point.  Starting out with the main point puts your main noun and verb up front.  This ensures that the reader quickly figures out what’s going on, all while minimizing the likelihood that they’ll misunderstand what the sentence is communicating.
  2. It ends with the second most important idea.  The beginning and ending are the most memorable parts of the sentence, so your most important ideas should appear in those two places.
  3. It’s grammatically sound.  Nobody appreciates poor grammar and bad writing mechanics.  It’s just not a pretty sight, apart from being cumbersome to read.  Use an English writing software if you need help on this area.
  4. It should be easy to read expressively.  Your sentences should sound good when read aloud, as that’s how it will come across to your readers.
  5. It’s easy to understand.  A reader shouldn’t have to pause and call time out to wrap their heads around what you’re saying.
  6. It stays within a reasonable length.  Sentences are considering long, but acceptable, at around 30 words.  Try to avoid going beyond that length at any point.