How To Write Long-Copy Sales Letters

Ever seen one of those web pages with sales letters that seemed to go on forever?  In the direct marketing industry, they’re known as long-copy sales letters and they supposedly work like a charm.

When many people first see long-copy sales letters, the first thing they wonder about is whether anyone actually reads through that much drivel.  And the reality is, they do.  In fact, you will, too, if the letter was for a product that actually interested you.

Why go the long-copy route?  According to most direct marketers, the long sales letter is a great way to filter out good prospects from the bad.  Anyone that goes through the letter and onto your next step is a very good prospective buyer.

Here are some tips for creating long-copy sales letters:

  • Make a big promise in your headline.  Don’t be afraid to sound sensational.  As long as it’s within the realm of believability, feel free to promise big.
  • Create a catchy opening paragraph.  Because of the letter’s length, you need to start off with a compelling opener.  The interest you generate from that will, hopefully, sustain their attention until the end.
  • Use subheadings.  Adding subheadings help break up the text into logical sections, making it easier to read through.   Keep your subheadings descriptive, so that the reader gets the central element of what the section is about.
  • Focus on benefits and testimonials.   Those are the two best types of content to use when trying to convince readers.  The better you can highlight them, the more effective your sales letter is going to be.
  • Summarize the benefits at the end.  List down the benefits at the end of the letter.  That way, readers get a quick reminder before finishing with the copy.