Greasing The Gears: Writing Rituals To Get You Started

June 14, 2012

Almost all prolific writers I’ve known have rituals they go through when they first sit down to write. By ritual, we don’t mean sacrificing chickens or holding an hour-long prayer in the midst of incense smoke, though we’ll perfectly understand if that’s what you’re into. Instead, the rituals are usually a lot less elaborate — […]

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How To Make Your Business Writing Clear

May 31, 2012

Clarity is one of the most important qualities to aim for in any type of writing. It’s as true for academe as it is for business and industry. Without it, you can easily end up communicating the wrong things, leading to a misunderstanding in the reader’s part. For business, clarity is especially important. State your […]

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11 Ways To Improve Your Legal Writing

May 14, 2012

The legal profession relies heavily on the written word as one of its most important tools. Legal writing is the medium in which we express legal analysis, legal rights and duties, informing, advocating, instructing and persuading over a wide range of different materials. Legal writing shares a lot in common with other forms of the […]

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How To Find Reliable Information For Your Papers

May 8, 2012

When writing papers, a large part of the work will involve research — lots of it. A high level of writing skills can only get you so far. Without comprehensive research, there won’t be anything for you to write beyond conjecture and personal opinion. Importance of Sound Research Research is very valuable regardless of what […]

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Writing College Essays: Things To Focus On

May 4, 2012

Writing essays — lots of them — is an inescapable reality for many students, regardless of how natural writing comes to you. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a gifted wordsmith to turn out college essays that get high marks. If you turn your attention to a few things that can produce high rewards, you […]

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How To Open A Novel

April 30, 2012

The opening of a novel is extremely important, as it will establish a lot of elements that will come to play throughout the story. From the setting to the narrative pace to the tone to the characters, your opening often has a big impact in how those various elements are shaped. Strong Openings Don’t Make […]

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How To Write a Synopsis For Your Manuscript

April 28, 2012

Most of the time, you can’t submit a manuscript to an agent or publisher without sending in a synopsis first. Why would anyone spend time poring through several hundred pages of text, after all, when they have zero idea of what it is about. A synopsis allows them to get a clear picture of what […]

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14 Things That Could Make Readers Trash Your Novel

April 19, 2012

Different things can irk different readers with the novels they’re reading. Chances are, you’re never sure which of the things you’re planning to do will result in a similar reaction. For those situations, you do what you feel contributes best to your story and just hope your readers feel the same way. However, there are […]

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Writing Travel Stories: A Few Tips

April 16, 2012

If you’re in that nomadic phase in your life, you might want to consider writing travel stories. After all, you’re already on the road, experiencing life on the go. Might as well document it and get paid for sharing your adventures. And even if you don’t end up selling your content to publications, you could […]

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Being Genuine In Your Writing

April 6, 2012

Sounding genuine and authentic is one of the most important qualities of really good writing. It holds true whether you’re writing features for a fashion magazine, human interest pieces for the newspaper or a sales letter for a car lot’s special weekend sale. When you can write genuinely, people find it easier to trust what […]

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How To Present Backgrounds In Fiction Writing

March 27, 2012

Presenting background is one of the trickiest things for new fiction writers to master. It’s just not an easy thing to do. Do too little and your reader might not completely understand the story. Do too much and you risk turning your story into a boring exposition of past history. Finding the right balance is […]

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Secrets Of Good Word Choice

March 23, 2012

Writing is made up of words and all words have meaning. If a string of letters on a page means nothing, it’s gibberish and should be pruned out as soon as possible. Beyond textbook definitions, words carry connotations — side messages that are implicitly communicated beyond the literal meaning. The words “doctor,” “healer,” “medicine man,” […]

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