Strategies For Cohesive Writing

March 16, 2012

Cohesive writing is prose that is clear and easy to understand, with all ideas presented in an orderly manner and tied together in a logical way. When writing is cohesive, every element is connected, allowing ideas to flow in a sensible way. Reading it feels natural, with the entire thing moving fluently from one item […]

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How To Write Like An American Idol

March 12, 2012

Granted, we have no idea how well the current singers on the roster of American Idol write. They could be good, they could be bad — no one really knows for sure. They definitely can sing, though. And they definitely stand out enough in their craft that they managed to make it out of the […]

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How To Write Direct Marketing Copy

March 8, 2012

Direct marketing is one of the most lucrative copywriting opportunities around. And it’s well worth the hype. Unlike other forms of advertising, direct marketing gets immediate, measurable and plain-as-day results: a campaign is either successful (lots of conversions) or not (low conversions). There are no intangibles — like mindshare and awareness — to measure. Instead, […]

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How To Construct Arguments Like A Pro

March 4, 2012

Constructing arguments is a big part of writing for most people. Whether you’re composing essays for school, proposals for your business, or sales letters for an ad agency, your ability to construct a strong argument will play a critical part in the results you can realize. Writing a letter to recommend a subordinate for promotion? […]

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Popular Types Of Metaphors

February 29, 2012

A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes an implied comparison between two things that are categorically different, but actually share something significant in common. While used heavily in creative works, such as poetry and song, this type of figurative language can also be used to give ordinary writing color and personality. Visual metaphors […]

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Five-Minute Practice: Writing Headlines

February 28, 2012

Writing good headlines is one of the most important skills you can develop as a writer. Headlines, after all, are your come-hither attraction — they do the job of luring the reader into your story. And that’s true whether you’re writing advertisements vying for attention on a busy page, a blogger writing posts that compete […]

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Five-Minute Practice: Writing Summaries

February 27, 2012

Want to put in some practice time writing summaries? We suggest doing this five-minute exercise. You can do it once a day, twice a day or more — even with just a single daily session, though, it can foster serious improvements in your writing skill set over time. Good Summaries Pick up a popular broadsheet […]

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Mac Or PC: Which One Should Writers Use?

February 24, 2012

You’re a writer. A working one. Sure, you’re no James Patterson or what-not, but you’ve been writing paid jobs everyday for the past few months. And it’s all good. You’re at the point, in fact, when you’re considering chucking out your old computer and getting a new one — preferably, one that can aid you […]

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8 Tips For Writing About Benefits Effectively

February 22, 2012

If you’ve ever tried your hand at doing any sales or marketing copy, then you know the importance of writing about benefits instead of features. When you’re selling a car with your copy, you’re not really selling a box with four wheels and an engine; instead, you’re selling the benefits of having that specific thing […]

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Better Business Writing For Professionals

February 22, 2012

Simply put, writing better when communicating both internally within a company and to outside parties creates a stronger, more professional image, both for you and the organization you represent. As such, it’s something you should always look towards improving at. Here are a few things you can keep doing to facilitate better writing in your […]

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Keyword Placement For SEO Copywriting

February 21, 2012

One of the most important aspects of SEO copywriting is keyword placement. That is, the way you integrate keywords and key phrases into the text. While it is, by no means, the only component of a copy with good SEO practices, it’s usually the most significant. Why Keyword Placement Matters The purpose of SEO copywriting […]

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Case Study Writing Tips

February 19, 2012

Writing a business case study? Here are a few things to do to help ensure you make genuinely helpful ones that can really show prospects how their issues can be addressed. 1. Identify all issues clearly. You want to go over the issues that the case subject is having. More importantly, though, you want to […]

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