Five Most Common Ways To Organize Paragraphs

When you want to properly flesh out an idea, it’s necessary to have a method to your writing madness.  That is, your paragraph needs to have an organization that allows you to properly develop your thoughts, so that readers can better understand the process by which you came to your interpretations.

Just as you use an English writing software to clean up your use of language into a polished form, organizing helps you present ideas in a clearer and more sophisticated manner.  There are many ways of organizing a paragraph.  Here are five of the most common:

  1. Narration.  You develop the paragraph by telling events chronologically from start to finish.  This could be useful for relaying background information as well as historical events.
  2. Description.  You provide specific details about the topic, discussing its distinguishing characteristics.  Organization will depend on the specific descriptions you give.  For instance, you can arrange by appearance or by category of information.
  3. Process.  You explain how something works in a step-by-step arrangement.  This can be very useful when explaining how a product works or how you can recreate a specific result.
  4. Classification.  You separate various parts of a topic into groups, arranging them by their logical classifications.
  5. Illustration.  You give examples and cite cases, explaining how those illustrations help prove the point you’re trying to push.