Editing Steps For Your School Essay

For many students, the time you allot to editing your school essay can mean the difference between high marks and low scores. Spend that time well and you can turn up a polished piece that reads very professionally; fail to do so and you can end up with what amounts to nothing more than a rushed draft.

Timing Your Edits

As much as possible, arrange to do your editing with time to spare before the due date. Ideally, you want it a good week before. At the least, give it at least two days or more. Remember: you’ll still have to proofread after editing. Of course, you can expedite that last step with the help of a speedy writing software, but it’s still smarter to make room for any contingencies.

Things To Check

1. Re-read the essay brief or assignment question, making sure your essay answers all issues required. Underline all parts of the requirements that you verify to have been covered to eliminate them.

2. Make sure your essay has a proper beginning, middle and end. For many students, the conclusion always tends to go too abruptly, leaving the readers with a rushed ending. Remedy any shortcomings you find.

3. Ensure smooth flow between paragraphs. If the change from one to the other feels arbitrary, use transition instruments to make the shift feel more natural.

4. Check whether your conclusion fulfills any premise you set in the introduction. If not, rewrite either one or the other, making sure the main content isn’t affected by any changes you make.