Skill Set Requirements For Technology Writers

Anyone can write a haphazard technology piece.  If you want to do it right and produce professional material, though, you’ll need to hone a very specific set of skills.

Technical Abilities. Depending on the types of pieces you’re looking to be involved in writing, you will likely be able to enjoy some amount of leeway when it comes you actual technical abilities.  Technology involves the application of practical sciences into industry and commerce, so even a lack of technical knowledge can be made up for with industrious research.  In some cases, in-depth technical knowledge might even prove a liability for some people, as they tend to view the issues on a level that is well beyond  where their readers are likely to be.

Journalism Experience. News matters in technological writing.  In fact, if you end up writing for publications, much of your work will likely revolve around discussing new processes and discoveries.  While it’s not a requirement, having a background in journalism will help you immensely on that end.

Writing Skills. Naturally, writing skills is a necessity.  If you don’t know how to write, you best put in the work to develop it.  Employing a writing software, of course, helps, but make sure you use it to improve your overall abilities and not just individual jobs.

Interpersonal Skills. You’ll need to interview resource persons throughout the course of writing many of your pieces.  As such, the ability to extract information out of your subjects is crucial.  If you struggle with people skills, you’re going to be very limited as a writer and will likely have problems with technological pieces, in particular.