The Steps Of Pre-Writing

What exactly should you do during the pre-writing stage?  Like many aspects of writing, this can vary depending on who’s doing the work.  If you’re looking to test out new approaches to your craft, though, you may want to try your hand at these five different steps.

  1. Targeting.  This step has you defining your audience, making detailed notes about what they will want to know from the subject , as well as how to best communicate it.
  2. Outlining.  Make sure your outline covers the span of your purpose and objectives, with enough detail to figure out individual items during both the research and drafting phases.
  3. Structuring.  While putting together your research and notes,check the outline periodically to see if your outline remains on point or if new information makes changing it a logical proposition.
  4. Development.  Have you identified problems during the process of outlining and structuring?  What things can you do to overcome them?
  5. Checking.  Verify all that you have done to this point before starting the draft.

Obviously, an English writing software won’t have much use for this stage of the composition process.   Regardless, you’ll have to make sure you keep one on hand so you won’t find yourself in need during the actual production.